Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Best Screen Capture Tool for Windows

In my view Snipping Tool is best to capture screen shot. I had been using this tool for many year and still, I did not feel any need to another snipping tool.Snipping Tool is free, user friendly and preinstalled in Windows.

Snipping tool window

Snipping Tool allow you to capture any of the following type snips.
1. Free-form Snip.   Draw a free-form shape around an object. 
2.Rectangular snip.  Drag the Cursor around an object to form a rectangular shape.
3.Window snip.         Select a window Like browser, My Computer or any folder.
4. Full Screen Snip.    Capture the entire screen

You can also use snipping tool to highlight any things in the snip as in the below image.

And snipping also provide different Color pen/ custom pen  to make arrow or write in the snip, as shown in below image.

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